Whispers of the Dead

The world as we know it is in fact anything but that. Even hundreds of years after the calamity that changed everything we don’t really know anything. I guess some times it is better to just move forward then just worry about the past. Life isn’t that bad anyway. We are at an unimaginable peak of science, technology, biology, and even Magic. So what if we share our world with strange new creatures and aliens. So what if millions of lives can be wiped out in an instant, or sold to the highest bidder. Every living thing had learned that this new world is survival of the fittest. Back in the old days the “fittest” was about the personal effort put into it. Now it’s about what you can take for yourself, and how much your name carries. Anyone regardless of anything can hold in their hands the power of deities, it’s just about getting your hands on it. It seems as if mortal limits have been unshackled. Anything is possible. And yet still will all our new found glory untold numbers suffer and starve. I don’t desire power, nor wealth, nor fame, and so I am nothing. No one will ever know my name. I won’t impact this world in the slightest. This world is to big for someone as little as me to thrive. If I could give some advice though, some guidance, it would be simply fight for yourself. Stand on your own two feet and take you’re life in your hand. Never let anyone control you. And never ever repent for the Sins of Bystahon.
. . . . . . . Zi~~~

Far From Fables

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